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I like being at the much to do. We come here afterschool. We have drums and guitars and playing in the studio.We have lots of friends and staff to help us do our work. There are computers and air hockey and ping pong and a huge gym.

- A Club member

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Volunteering at The Boys & Girls Club


Volunteering Opportunities

The Club offers many volunteer programs where you will gain great experiences working with children and get a chance to make a difference in your community. There is a place for everyone at the Club through many of our wonderful programs aiming to help the Boys & Girls of our community realize their full potential as caring, responsible and unique citizens. Come share your talents, kindness, and knowledge. Please see below the opportunities we currently have for volunteers.


Teen Mentoring Program: This program aims to help high school students gain transferable life skills, learn about the importance of volunteerism and how to effectively communicate one’s volunteer experience to potential employers through classroom learning and field experience. Get a positive volunteering experience and fulfill a high school requirement at the same time! (Limited spaces per month.)


Long-Term: Volunteer to get relevant experiences for college courses; we can work with you to target your specific needs and goals. Free time? Have ideas for fun programs? Volunteer to share your talents and experiences with our members to inspire them to Be Great.

We can always use help around the Club with maintenance, restoration and serving meals. 

Mentoring Opportunities

The Boys and Girls Club of Burlington offers three different types of mentoring. For each type, the minimum commitment is one hour, once a week for one year.

Community Based: Become a positive adult in a child’s life and expand his/her world by spending time in the community together. Mentor and Mentee are matched based on interests, hobbies and compatibility. This mentoring program also has ian academic component; mentors are expected to provide additional reading help to their mentees twice a month. Mentors are free to plan and implement their own reading strategies or work with the Educational Director to ensure that mentees are improving in their reading skills.

For each program, mentors are required to complete an interview, application, background check and a training session. Community based mentors are required to complete fingerprint checks as well.

Adult Volunteer Application
Teen Mentoring Program Application
Club Compass Mentoring Program

If you are interested in any of these programs or have any questions, please contact Sarah Fisher at (802) 864-5263 or