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2020 Summer Camp

COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Update of 5/28/20-


We look forward to the start of our summer program on Monday June 29th. We continue to wait to hear from the School District about potential use of space at the Integrated Arts Academy.  Once we hear from them, we will then need to confirm staffing plans.  These are key factors in determining the details of our summer schedules and how many children will be able to participate in our camp.  As you know, there is significantly more demand for our program than there are slots. If you have the ability to safely keep your child at home, we ask that you do so to make room for children who do not have that option.  Please also be prepared that your child may not be accepted into our program or that they may be accepted for only a portion of the summer.


Safety is our first priority. While we very much look forward to seeing our Club members again, we also acknowledge that the Club will be drastically different this summer. Listed below are just our precautions; enough to give you a general sense of the changes. Some children and families will do well with these precautions and some won’t. We respect these differences, but all who attend camp do need to comply.  If you have applied for summer camp and have decided that this isn’t for you, please let us know as soon as possible.  This decision will not impact your ability to participate in future camps.

  • Children will be dropped off at the front door.

  • The Club will provide ample soap, water and hand sanitizer to facilitate proper hand hygiene.

  • Social distancing and facial coverings will be expected. 

  • Temperature will be taken at drop-off and possibly later in the day as well. This serves as a health check.

  • Children who are sick or showing symptoms of COVID-19 are not allowed to attend camp.

  • Children will be assigned to a group with an assigned counselor(s). This group will constitute a “pod” that will stay together throughout the days at camp.

  • Each pod will be assigned a homeroom which will be organized to the best of our ability as a self-contained and independent space. This will be where the group will spend a significant amount of time each day. No communal spaces will be used. With precautions, children will  spend as much time as possible outside.  Our swimming pool will be open with precautions.

  • Events like our parties in the park will not be held.  Transportation of children will be allowed to the extent that social distancing can be accomplished. As such, fieldtrips will likely be only within walking distance.

  • The vast majority of staff working this summer will have prior experience working at the Club.

  • Staff have completed and will continue to complete trainings on safe operations specific to COVID-19.


We are always thinking of you and hope that you are well.  Please let us know if you have any questions:

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