The Academic Enrichment Center

The Club's Academic Enrichment Center is located in Roosevelt Park directly across the street from our main Clubhouse on Oak Street. This is a dedicated quiet space where Club members can focus on finishing homework and completing academic improvement exercises.

One-on-one tutoring and homework help is available at the Academic Center Monday through Friday between 4:00PM and 6:00PM.

Grades K-3rd After School Program


With support from the Burlington School District, the Boys and Girls Club provides licensed childcare for our youngest members. Housed in the Integrated Arts Academy at 6 Archibald Street, staff members work hand-in-hand with educators in the school system to create a curriculum to help our youngest members master the basic academic skills that will form the foundation of future learning across a wide range of subjects. 

Students in grades K-3 are served at this site Monday through Friday between 3:00 PM and 5:30PM during the school year. 

Grades 4th-8th After School Program

At the main Clubhouse our members enjoy a balance of structured activities and less formal recreation time. A wide variety of programs are offered in this site, including: homework help and voluntary academic improvement work; organized and recreational sports initiatives; small group programs designed to help young people resist harmful influences; and cooking  programs that will help Club members prepare healthy and affordable meals for themselves in the future, just to name a few.  

Club members in grades 4-8 are served at this site Monday through Friday between 3:00PM and 6:00PM, during the school year.

Teens:  Grades 8th-12th

Our drop-in teen program focuses on what teens need and want!

The Club hosts soccer and basketball games and has a dedicated girls night! We have a music production studio and a wide range of instruments and we host unique events like field trips to rock climb or play paintball. Club members are free to play ping-pong, foosball, pool, and pinball. We also provide individualized academic support and help with college applications. At the end of the night we offer transportation home for Club members who do not live in the neighborhood.

Drop-in hours for teens are between 6:00PM and 8:00PM Monday through Saturday.

Learning to Code


Through the Learning to Code Program, Club members will have the opportunity to improve their skills in the fields of coding and computer science, just like they currently can with math, science, language arts, and other subjects. Participating in Learning to Code at the Club will show young people who are interested in technology that this is a realistic career choice for them, and that there are paths available to help Club members develop the skills necessary to succeed in these fields.


This program is designed to cultivate interest in technology fields for Club members between ages 13 and 15 and is made possible through a grant from Best Buy.

Smart Moves

The program features interactive, small-group activities designed to increase participants' peer support, enhance life skills, build resiliency, and strengthen leadership skills. It gives young people viable alternatives to the dangers of substance use offers practical solutions to challenging interpersonal conflict so that they may see themselves as role models in their community. The SMART GUYS and SMART GIRLS are subsets of the club and allow for honest and personalized conversation with adult role models in a safe environment.

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