Health and Wellness

Time in the Kitchen

Healthy Habits is a small group program that promotes health and well-being by educating youth on topics that include making healthy choices, portion control, reading nutritional labels, shopping wisely, and basic cooking. One of our goals is to help our members engage their families or guardians in what they've learned and to practice good nutrition at home.

Sauce It Up!, is a program that teaches youth healthy eating habits, basic food safety, and essential cooking skills.


Sweet Treats, headed by Middle School Director Talia Bosley, uses the incentive of getting to bake delicious desserts as a way to help develop emotional intelligence.


Cooking with the Community

Club members worked on developing their cooking skills by making a healthy take on broccoli cheddar soup! Through the Club's Healthy Habits program our members learn basic cooking techniques and practice preparing a wide variety of fun, nutritious meals that are easy to make for themselves at home. We're supported in this work by City Market, which acts as a vital community partner and helps supply the Club's cooking programs with fresh, local ingredients.