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Early Promise EDUCATION Program


Early Promise is a series of academic supports and interventions, with the ultimate goal of having our young people successfully further their education in a college, trades or certificate program. This work uniquely spans the life of a young person from kindergarten through to their first job, providing critical emotional and financial supports. When we started this program, we had no young people who were considering continuing their education after high school. Today, we have over 30 young people studying in degree programs and 22 college graduates.


Early Promise transforms young lives. With a higher level of academic achievement, Club members will be able to secure good jobs and will have a greater economic opportunity. The ultimate power of this work will be achieved as the success of generations of young people positively impacts their family, community and state. 

We strive to increase the number of students in post secondary education from 32 to 70 each year. It's also our goal to grow our endowment, allowing us to roll out the final phase of Early Promise. In this phase, we make a promise to match the efforts of our young people, providing a debt free education to those who have been successful in their commitment to do well in school and their community.

In 2009 there were no Club members consistently continuing their post-secondary education. In 2023 there are over 30 Early Promise Scholarship Recipients and the program has 22 college graduates!

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"Education is the most powerful weapon
which you can use to change the world"
- Nelson Mandela

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