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Early Promise EDUCATION Program

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The Early Promise Education Program was launched in 2009 to give our Club members access to post-secondary education (college, technical school, vocational school) that turns their talents into healthy, prosperous adult lives. Club educators work with members as soon as they enter our program at kindergarten age and continue providing support through their entire academic career. The Club made a promise:

"We'll commit to your success, if you commit to your success."

For the past 13 years, every Club child who wants help to be successful in the classroom receives support. 

Early Promise helps them build their next level of learning and beyond. This support lasts through their post-secondary education and helps to make their dreams become a reality. 


The Promise: Currently we provide partial scholarships to all Early Promise graduates while they are enrolled in a post-secondary education program. The Boys & Girls Club's promise is that once our endowment reaches $5 million, we will provide a debt free education to a Vermont State College to all Club members who, starting in sixth grade, sign a contract committing to do well in schools and in their community.

We are more than halfway to our goal. 

In 2009 there were no Club members consistently continuing their post-secondary education. In 2022 there are over 30 Early Promise Scholarship Recipients and the program has 19 college graduates!

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"Education is the most powerful weapon
which you can use to change the world"
- Nelson Mandela

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