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Our Team

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Program Staff

  • Kevin Cherry I Program Director

  • Aaron DaCosta I Director of Youth Inclusion

  • Anthony Grattelo I Program Director

  • Tanasia McGee I Assistant Program Director

  • Fiona O'Neil I Youth Development Professional

  • Fidele Rutayisire I Youth Development Professional

  • Jack Stackhouse I Program Director

Early Promise Education Program

  • Maggie McNeil I Assistant Education Director

  • Beth Van Parys I Education Director



  • Dave Agnew Blais I Grants Manager

  • Tanya Benosky I Executive Director

  • Marlene Chamberlain I Facilities Director

  • Subha Luck I Director of Development and Communications

  • Joyce McEntee I Member Service Representative

  • Katrina Payea I Director of Finance and Administration

  • Lisa Quinlan I Development Coordinator

  • Pamela Unsworth I Development Manager

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