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Welcome to our Virtual Programming Headquarters

Here you will find videos from our staff of things such as:

Read Alouds, Crafts, Exercises, Cooking, Challenges, & so much more! 

Recordings from the Club

Messages from Staff






Read Alouds

TT reading:

Pete the Cat: Sir Pete the Brave

Maggie reading (1 of 6):

Fantastic Women who have Changed the World:

Jane Austin

Maggie reading (2 of 6):

Fantastic Women who have Changed the World:

Gertrude Ederle


Faizo teaching:

Tye Dying 101

Mary from teaching:

Heart Art

(with the arts kits passed out in park)

BGC Virtual Programming

(using ZOOM)

Parent/Guardian MUST complete this consent form for their child to participate in the Virtual Programming:

Virtual Programming Consent Form

Hosts: (Check back soon!)
When: (Check back soon!)

Hosts: (Check back soon!)
When: (Check back soon!)

More Boys & Girls Club Programming coming soon! 

Other Resources  & Additional Programming


Click here to join one of the scheduled classes.

Meditation & Movement

Provided by

*  Monday          10:15- 10:25AM
*  Tuesday          10:15- 10:25AM 
*  Wednesdays    1:15 -  1:25PM
*  Thursday         10:15- 10:25AM 
*  Friday              10:15- 10:25AM 

MOVEMENT:   All  from 11AM-12PM

*  Monday:       Vinyasa Yoga
*  Tuesday:       High Intensity Interval Training 
*  Wednesday: Yin Yoga 
*  Thursday:     Tabata Training 
*  Friday:          Core Class


Online Fitness Classes

Community Resources

Provided by Greater Burlington YMCA

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